Listen, Because You're Right

Has a doctor ever told you that?  To listen to your body because your body is always right? 


Likely, you haven’t.  I’ve talked to countless women who tell me that ‘Something isn’t right with my body, but they can’t find anything wrong.’  


I want to tell you why they can’t find anything wrong.  The conventional medical system is set-up to only diagnose disease.  Unless you have a frank illness, according to them, there is nothing wrong with you.   When it comes to women’s health, only severe disturbances are considered a disease. 


Women’s bodies, however, are highly attuned.  We know when things are off.  It may feel vague, or just a knowing that things aren’t adding up.   You may find yourself  saying “I just can’t lose weight like I used to”, “I just don’t feel like myself”, “My energy is different than it used to be, I’m tired all the time.”, or “Maybe I’m just getting old.”


And every time I hear someone utter this type of phrase, the patient is right.  You are right, something is off.


Sometimes there is a condition that hasn’t been diagnosed, like a thyroid condition or other hormonal diagnosis like PCOS.  I lived through my 20s feeling terrible most of the time- tired, depressed, brain fog. I was told to take anti-depressants.  My first year of medical school, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid condition, the actual underlying cause of my symptoms.  It explained A LOT. 


Other times, there isn’t disease.   Instead, there are a number of imbalances that are adding up.  Common, amongst the women I work with, their  iron and B12 are slightly low, their thyroid is slightly off and adrenals are tired from working so hard.  They’re not eating the right foods for their body.    And all of these small things add up, so you stop losing weight and feel tired all the time (or some variation of that). 


So bottom line, listen.  You’re right.  Your body is sending you signals.

Find someone who will listen to you and help you have the health that you know you can have.

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