Ultimate Health Package

With this package, you will always have the support you need to become healthier, more energized and more vital.  You will have regular access to me, your health care provider, and support when you need it.    The classes also provides a holistic overhaul to your health, beyond appointments, from a grocery store tour to a guided detox.  

  • Initial visit 60-75 minutes- comprehensive, holistic intake  ($425 value)
  • Follow-up phone call check-in 1 week later 5-15 minutes  ($150 value)
  • Monthly follow-up visits, up to 3 visits per month 30-45 minutes.  Please schedule no later than 48 hours ahead of time.  Please give 24-48 hour cancelation notice.  Follow-up visits are available by phone or in person. ($9000 value)
  • Weekly check-in phone call, 5-15 minutes.  ($7800 value)
  • Up to 1 email of clarifying questions per week. Any new issues, or complicated questions may require a phone call or in person visit.  ($1300 value)
    • Example of clarifying question:  "Was I supposed to take this supplement with meals or away from meals?"
    • Example of complex question:  "My hair started falling out recently, what should I do?"
  • Participation in 1 Detox Series- participate in a guided detox class ($400 value)
  • Participation in 1 Elimination Diet Series - participate in a supported, guided elimination diet to determine if you have any food intolerances ($400)
  • 4 Nutritional IVs per year (perfect for when you feel like you’re coming down with a cold) ($600 value)
  • Grocery store tour/ pantry overhaul ($500 value)
  • Participation in any classes or heath support series offered by Dr. Mann ($500 value)

Value: $21,075

Cost to you:  $15000

Payment plan:   $3000 down, $1050 per month x 12 month

*  Please note that the total cost does not include the cost of supplements or lab testing.  

**  This package expires after 1 year