I have had the privilege if working closely with Jenny Mann over the last 3 years. I am an MD of the Mayo Medical school graduating class of 1978. I am boarded certified in Family Practice from Harbor-UCLA. Acupuncture certified from Stanford and a licensed HeartMath provider.
Jenny is a contentious, compassionate provider with an innate ability to diagnose, problem solve and manage treatment plans for her patients. She empowers patients to get to the root of their problems and walks with them as they make progress towards health and healing. I not only refer my patients to her but I have recommended my family and friends. It us with a deep regard for her path as a healer that I write in her regard.
— Dr. Elizabeth Maier
Dr. Mann is an amazing healer. She has taken great care of the patients I have sent to her the past few years, and has successfully treated patients with long-standing complications from Hashimoto’s thyroid disorder, celiac disease, GI distress, and adrenal fatigue. She is kind, empathic, and really listens to her patients. I continue to refer patients to Dr. Mann because I know that they will have positive experiences and outcomes under her care. I would send my own family members to her in a heartbeat.
— Michelle Kuroda, LAc.
I came to Jenny when I realized that my family physician, nutritionist, and pediatrician weren’t giving me the useful, concrete direction that I needed to improve my family’s health. Jenny asked me the questions that mattered and designed a care plan to improve our health and well-being.

You can expect to receive thoughtful, compassionate guidance from Jenny. Her work is informed by years of experience and ever curious, passionate learning. She’s great!
— Monica Hammer, attorney, artist, and mother

Jenny is a wonderful healer!  She is intuitive, compassionate and extremely wise!  She has a vast knowledge of holistic medicine as well as many different types of healing modalities.  I'm so grateful to have her as my provider and she has helped me immensely with all my health concerns! I highly recommend Jenny to anyone!


"I didn't know what I was looking for in a doctor until Jenny came along. For the first time, rather than just treating symptoms, she invested in addressing the underlying problem. Her efforts have resulted in a dramatic improvement in my health, and consequently, my quality of life. I no longer suffer from chronic insomnia or hives because Jenny gave me the tools to manage my autoimmune disease. I confidently turn to her with acute medical issues as well. As you progress on your journey towards living a more natural and holistic life, there is no better guardian for your health than Jenny.  I am extraordinarily grateful to have her in my life."