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Free Class- How's Your Thyroid Doing?

  • SFPMG 380 W Portal Ave San Francisco, CA, 94127 United States (map)

Having a healthy thyroid is vital for overall health. Nearly every cell in the body requires thyroid hormone. It’s an essential fuel for the body.  Levothyroxine, a medication for hypothyroidism, was the most commonly prescribed pharmaceutical last year.  Thyroid problems are extremely common. 

Many people’s thyroid problems are overlooked or inadequately addressed.  I evaluate thyroid function in nearly every patient I work with because it is so essential to physical, mental, and emotional health.   Fatigue, brain fog, difficulty losing weight, feeling cold, digestive problems, high cholesterol, infertility, irregular periods, and depression are all symptoms of hypothyroidism. 

Many people diagnosed with thyroid problems take medication, but still do not feel well. This is because healthy thyroid function depends on the health of the whole body.  You can build thyroid health through nutrition, Vitamin D and other nutrients, healthy digestion, adrenal health, detox pathways, attunement with emotions, and skills to respond to stress.

This class is for anyone interested in thyroid health. 

·      Learn how to get fully evaluated for a thyroid problem.

·      Learn basic care for optimal thyroid health.

·      If you’ve been taking thyroid medication, and still aren’t feeling well, we’ll discuss common reasons why, and next steps you can take to feel good again. 

Please join me at my practice at 380 West Portal Ave. on Wednesday, December 3rd, 6:30-7:30PM.  

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