I am excited to begin this week-long detox with you at Thriveabilty Yoga.  The following products are intended to support your body during the week-long cleanse.   They provide additional support, but are not required for the workshop.   

***Please note that these products are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, nor people with kidney or liver disease.  These recommendations are not medical advice.   If you have any concerns about using these supplements with your current health conditions, please consult your doctor, or schedule an appointment with me for a medical evaluation.***  

I recommend ordering these products at least 10 days ahead of the workshop to allow time for delivery.  

To order the products, click here.  

1.  Go to

2.  Click on "Create New Account"  (upper right hand corner)

3.   Choose:  "I am a patient who has never ordered from Emerson before."

4.  Enter your billing and shipping information and create a password to use when logging into the website

5.  Enter '94127' in the field "Your Healthcare Practitioner's Postal Code"

6. Enter 'JMann1' in the field "Your Healthcare Practitioner's Access Code"

7.  To order the products, search by product code:

           A.  Paleo Cleanse by Biogenesis, product code: PALEC

           B.  Probiotic Pearls by Integrative Therapeutics, product code: PRO74 

           C.  Arctic Omega Lemon 1000mg, product code:  ARCT5 or if vegetarian, Algae Omega Nordic Naturals: W01605

8.  If you're having any trouble, you can call Emerson Ecologics at 1-800-654-4432 and they will take you through the steps.